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The trend towards artificial presence in remote teams


One observable trend that is showing up in our tool reviews here at NoHQ is the strong pull towards creating new communication tools that are trying to create an artificial sense of presence and reachability. In this post, we are taking a closer look at some of these tools and analyze the effects that they may have on remote teams.

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A look at Async Communication Tools

In a remote team, day-to-day communication happens asynchronously. While startups try to conquer the synchronous space, there is far less work happening on the other side. Let's take a look.

The Virtual Office Boom

New tools for remote work are popping up daily, but the current trend are virtual offices – spaces that are supposed to make remote teams feel like they are co-located. But does that make sense?

A guide on 1-on-1s in Remote Teams

Personal 1-on-1 meetings between managers and employees are not often the norm in modern teams. In remote teams, they may become a crucial part of your employee satisfaction and retention though.

Remote Meeting: Best Practices

Casual chatter, loud laughter, sitting in a room with a dozen other people. What's normal in co-located meetings is a no-go in remote settings. Here are meeting best practices.

Standups in Remote Teams

Daily standups are common practice in engineering teams, but reluctantly done in remote teams. Can they work?

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