The hypothesis


Remote work is the future. While we don't believe that every business is made to work remotely, many are!

Remote is not an easy way out. It's a way to diversify your team in location, mindset and thinking. It's also empowering to the employee and giving back autonomy to them.

Finally, starting a remote team is cheap. No trendy office needed. It's not a way to get cheap employees, but it leaves more money for what counts, especially when you're starting out.

But Remote Work is also hard. It can get lonely. It's harder to do anything communication related. Making remote work function is not a self-starter.

Remote Tools are popping up left and right. But making remote work function is not a tooling problem, it's a process problem and a mindset.

That's where NoHQ comes in. We work together with the tools. We create a toolkit, but we also teach the mindset.

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