How to hire a remote worker
based in North Korea

Global hiring is a tough challenge. With our hiring guide, you can see all possibilities you have for hiring a remote worker based in North Korea.

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Multiplier is a leading global employment solution that is focused on rebalancing the demand and supply of global employment. To help businesses overcome the legal hurdles of hiring global talent, Multiplier is helping companies compliantly employ talent across any market without the need to establish a legal entity. It also simplifies the employment process by taking charge of the complexities involved in handling the payroll, employment contracts, taxes, and benefits while complying with employment laws, both local and global. The company works with customers from across the globe today, with its roots in the Asia Pacific region. Users can manage global payroll, provide benefits, insurance and tackle compliance with ease starting at $300 per employee per month and $40 per freelancer per month. In geographies where businesses have their own entities, Multiplier helps companies manage payroll for their employees starting at $20 per employee per month.



  • Easy-to-use self-register platform 
  • Legally compliant and instant contracts 
  • Manage Payroll and Benefits starting at $20 per employee /month 
  • Manage Freelancer Payments at $40 per freelancer / month
  • Facilitate ESOPs and  Cryptopayments 
  • 24/7 support guaranteed 
  • GDPR, SOC2 and ISO27001 compliant 
  • Entities across 150+ countries


  • Flat and Transparent pricing may not be fancy
  • Expense Management and Time-off
    Modules are not separately
    charged modules

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🌍 Worldwide!


Let's be honest... You are probably not going to be able to hire people from here.

If you do, let us know how you did it!


  • nothing else to think about


  • it would be nice to live in a world without borders!

Available in

🌍 Worldwide!

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