Casual Conversation in Remote Teams


The quick catchup at the coffee machine, a casual chat in the hallway or a conversation at lunch. Having non-work-related conversations can be hard in a remote team.

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How much should you pay remote employees?

Salaries in remote working settings can be tricky. Should you pay them equally as local employees? Or rather as much as they'd earn in their home country?

Staying in the loop in a remote team

A manager's job is to know what's going on and where things stand, but checking in with remote workers can be difficult - people are in different timezones and asking questions can be hard.

How to hire remote employees

Hiring in a remote setting can be tricky. There are a lot more things to consider and think about. We list the main ways to get people hired globally.

Encouraging education in remote teams

In the workplace, lot of learning is happening during breaks and conversations. How can you encourage it in remote teams?

GitHub for organization in remote teams

GitHub is known as the #1 coding collaboration platform. Did you know that it's also a great organization tool?

Airtable, jack of all trades

Airtable isn't a tool built for remote companies, but it's versatility make it into one.

The three pillars of remote communication

When asked about their biggest challenges in remote work, 40% of our responders said 'Communication'. So, what's the issue?

Payroll Companies for Remote Employees Worldwide

When it's not an option to get hired as a contractor, international employers, or so-called payroll companies, can help. An updated list of one for each country.

Hiring for remote positions

Remote companies tend to have one problem that co-located ones can only dream of – too many job candidates to choose from.

Perks for your remote employees

Your remote employees have different needs than your co-located ones. Here's how to cover them.

What's remote-first?

What's remote-first and why do other models rarely work? We do a deep dive on remote-first vs. other setups.

The hypothesis

Why does NoHQ have to exist in the first place? We explain the reason why this site you're on exists.