Remote Employee Classification - The Complete 2023 Guide

Human Resources

Employee classification is important for companies to ensure compliance with employment laws and avoid potential legal issues. Read on to learn more.

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Pay Period - How to Choose the Right Pay Period For Your Company

Discover here the importance of pay period, its difference from pay cycle, and ways to pay remote employees.

Employee Proposition Value

Discover the importance of employee value proposition and how to establish one.

High-Performance Management (a How-to-Guide)

Discover strategies and best practices for implementing high-performance management in your organisation here.

Everything You Need to Know About Stipend Pay

Stipend pay can be useful for compensating employees for their work or for providing financial support. Learn more about its importance and how it works.

How to Develop Your Own Leadership Philosophy

Developing a clear and effective leadership philosophy can help guide your actions and decisions as a leader. Explore tips and strategies here.

Remote Companies with Unlimited PTO

Discover remote companies with unlimited PTO to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of remote work.

Why Your Business Needs Remote Work Software

Improve collaboration, productivity, and flexibility in your remote team with remote work software.

7 Remote Work Best Practices to Make Sure You Succeed and Stay Sane (2023)

Here's a list of remote work best practices to keep remote workers sane, productive, and collaborative.

How To Engage Remote Employees: Overcoming The Challenge

Implementing these strategies can help engage remote employees, which are crucial for the company's success.

How to Write a Parental Leave Request

This article is a good read if you're considering taking or requesting parental leave.

What Are Employee Referral Programs And Are They Worth It?

Employee referral programs help companies recruit and retain talent. Get to know the different kinds of referral programs here.

Remote Employee Offboarding: 5 Best Practices for A Smooth Exit

Struggling with employee turnover? Use our guide to learn about effective offboarding techniques and keep your company running smoothly during transitions. Everything you need for smooth departures can be found here!

Payroll Liabilities? Types, Benefits, & Tracking Tips

Learn everything you need to know about payroll liabilities in this comprehensive guide. Get tips and tricks on types, benefits, and tracking your payroll accurately.

How to Develop a Strong Team Culture

Improve your team's morale with this step-by-step guide on how to develop a strong team culture that encourages collaboration and productivity. Check it out now!

Bereavement leave - What Is it and Why It's Crucial for you Company to Have a Bereavement Leave Policy

Learn why having a Bereavement Leave policy is crucial for your company's employees and the benefits it brings to both the employee and the workplace.

What is Sabbatical Leave?

Discover the concept of Sabbatical Leave - a period of time granted to employees for rest, personal growth, or pursuing new opportunities. Learn about the benefits and requirements of taking a sabbatical and how it can impact your employees.

How Long Do Pre-Employment Background Checks Take?

How long do pre-employment background checks take? How long are background checks before you hire someone? Here are some answers to these questions and more.

Should You Benchmark Salaries or Not?

Should you benchmark or not? The answer is that it depends. Let's find out and get a better understanding of what's in it for you and your business.

Relocation Package

This relocation package can help your team to make the transition from one office to another a smooth one. Learn more about employee relocation packages!

How to Develop Charismatic Leadership (+ Examples)

Charismatic leadership is characterized by the leader’s ability to use personal charm, persuasiveness and other compelling qualities to influence those they lead. By practicing the skills outlined in this post, you can develop the required skills to become an effective charismatic leader and ultimately lead your organization to achieve greater success.

Vital Internal Communication Tools

Internal communication allows you to transmit data, values, habits, and feelings. This enhances the sense of your workers belonging to your enterprise and motivates them to improve their productivity. With the tools listed in this article, you should be able to get going for your enterprise.

How to create a successful global mobility programme

Global mobility is the term for moving employees worldwide and their dependents for financial, professional and personal growth. It is an excellent solution for remote businesses that want to expand overseas. Increase revenue, brand awareness and international talent with global mobility programmes.

Scaling your Direct Report Management Process

The article explains exactly what a direct report means and then looks at the ideal number of direct reports a manager should have. It also lays out the best practices to follow when tasked to manage and motivate other people.

Agile HR Best Practices for Effective Teams

Implementing the agile methodology can help your remote teams overcome the main challenges and even thrive. With this right technology in place, adopting agile HR can help your talented remote team deliver just as much value as a co-located team. Being an agile remote team takes advantage of online tools for collaboration, and self-organization while maintaining a strong team culture.

Creating Great Compensation Packages in The Modern Era

This article explains what attractive compensation packages are and how you can use them to attract top talent. It is the monetary and non-monetary rewards an employer pays in exchange for the work an employee does. It is also essential to have a structured payment package and to have it evaluated if it is effective.

Employer of record vs PEO: What's the difference

This article discusses the difference between EOR and PEO. An EOR becomes the full legal employer of your company’s employees and assumes all HR-related responsibilities while a PEO acts like a co-employer that you share liability with and can outsource some HR-related tasks if you have an existing local entity already.

(2022) Actionable Ways to Successfully Manage Global Teams

This article explores the importance of global teams for business. It also contains practical tips that can help you successfully build and manage global teams that work.

(2022) How to recruit for remote jobs & costly mistakes to avoid

A big factor most employees look for nowadays is a flexible work arrangement since remote work has become the new normal for most small and big businesses partly due to the pandemic. This article discusses everything you need to know in hiring the best remote talent for your team.

(2022) Top Wellness Activities for Remote Employees for Every Interest

Remote employees have personalities ranging from introverts to extroverts and those in between. This article contains wellness activities for individuals and groups as a perk activity. Choose from different activities so your employees know that you value their health and well-being.

The Best Cities For Remote Work

A decent internet connection allows anyone to work remotely anywhere. This list provides some of the best cities for remote work all over the world which we'd guarantee you would want to stay for more than a month.

(2022) Meeting cadence best practices for success

Meetings are an essential aspect of any successful business. Instead of hindering any team's efficiency, it can be made more useful by defining its purpose, keeping it as short as possible, and adjusting its frequency or cadence if needed. It should be an enjoyable time of collaboration and comradery among people.

(2022) Hiring Remote Employees in Italy: What You Need to Know

One region to benefit from the remote work culture in Europe is Italy. One of the most significant labour forces in the EU, Italy has a large number of skilled workers looking for a job. This provides international companies with a large pool of job candidates to choose from! Companies looking to hire remote workers may find Italy an attractive option due to its relatively low labour cost.

(2022) Remote Work Policy Checklist to Streamline Your Remote-First Strategy

Experts forecast that remote work will still flourish until the year 2023. Hybrid remote work is where a subset of employees work on the office while another group works from home. A remote work policy will immediately help any employer that needs a guide specifying the remote work tools and procedures teams need to use. It is important to specify working hours, responsibilities, and paid time off. Another aspect to pay attention to is the training opportunities for employees. Just because they are working from home does not mean they should not have access to training opportunities.

(2022) How to take stress leave from work

Stress created from working too much shows that it lowers workers' productivity. Noted factors that lead to this are increased workload, sexual harassment from the workplace, and lack of support from superiors. There are a number of signs to remember when to take stress leave from work: vulnerability from work and lack of focus. It also manifests itself physically such as fatigue or oversleeping. Taking a break can help you manage your stress to a great level and start afresh.

(2022) Types of virtual meetings & which one to use

The pandemic gave opportunities for companies to explore flexible working options and for employees to catch up on each other's work. The three types of virtual meetings are teleconferencing, video conferencing, and webinars. Teleconferencing which is the oldest uses only audio while video conferencing uses both audio and video via online meeting platforms. Webinars are led by a single person, and a group participates. Choosing the correct type of meeting assures that you make the most of your remote workers. Whether it be for formal events with outside stakeholders, catch-ups, and relaxation or fun.The 5 most widely used online platforms are Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Meet, and Webex.

What Is Remote-first And Why Should Distributed Teams Strive For It?

The term "remote-first" is getting recognition as a wonderful recruitment keyword. It's supposed to describe an environment that is remote-friendly to the point where there's no difference between an office worker and remote worker, but what's behind it all?

(2022) How To Do and Manage Workcations

What is a workcation and how do you manage it in the first place? A workcation is when you work in a different location that is either not your home or your office. This gives you the opportunity to explore a new location, city, or country when you're not working. Others do their workcation by planning one-month trips to one destination and spending the majority of the year in their homes while others prefer to constantly travel while working and exploring various destinations. Read further to learn more about managing your workcations.

(2022) All about WFH stipends

A Work From Home Stipend provides work from home employees an amount of money that is either a lump sum or daily payment that they would otherwise receive if they were working in the office. Read further on how it improves employee satisfaction, team unity, and equality for those working from home.

(2022) A guide to fostering virtual water cooler moments

Want to learn how to foster virtual water cooler moments? Whether your company is new to remote working or has been doing it for some time, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in employees struggling to find a clear boundary for work-life balance.

(2022) Virtual retreat ideas that don't suck

Virtual retreats are larger team or company gatherings that take place on online platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Webex, etc. These events generally include games, activities and team bonding time. It helps in building stronger interpersonal relationships and virtual communication skills, boost the morale of remote workers and promote team collaboration.

(2022) Zoom Interview Attire: Dress to Impress for your Virtual Interview

First impressions are crucial when it comes to interviews, and a Zoom interview is no exception. It’s important that you look and feel confident, and that you present yourself in your best light. Body language, eye contact and the way you dress can have a big impact on the way an interviewer perceives you; most people form an opinion within a few seconds, whether they realise it or not.

(2022) Signs of Work from Home Fatigue and How to Beat It

At NoHQ, we will explore the symptoms of WFH burnout, and what employers and employees can do to overcome remote work fatigue.

(2022) The Only Work From Home Survival Kits You’ll Need

Working from home definitely has its perks, but it can also be a difficult task to balance our work and the rest of our lives without some help. To make life easier, NoHQ has put together a list of must-have items that will help you survive your work from home career!

(2022) How to Easily Stay Focused While Working from Home

Working from home can be a great way to avoid the daily commute, but it can also be difficult to stay focused with so many distractions around and so little oversight. To help you stay focused, NoHQ has put together this list of tips for staying focused while living (and loving) the WFH lifestyle!

(2022) How to Do Employee Performance Reviews Virtually & Best Practices

Measuring job performance is an essential practice when measuring a business. They provide valuable metrics that provide insight into the employee’s skill and cost value.

(2022) Last-Minute Virtual Christmas Party Ideas to Play on Zoom & Elsewhere

For a virtual Christmas celebration that’s actually merry and bright, you should plan holiday party activities that let your employees connect and celebrate. At NoHQ, here are some of our best picks for hosting a brilliant virtual holiday party.

(2022) 25 Employee Recognition Ideas to Thank Your Employees

Virtual employee appreciation has gained a lot of attention in the last 2 years due to recent global events. And that’s a good thing! According to a survey done in the US, 66% of employees said that they work harder when they feel appreciated in the office. So, the more a person is appreciated, the more likely they are to reciprocate how they feel by working harder. Win-win.

(2022) Simple ways to master remote communication (+ tools)

When asked about their biggest challenges in remote work, 40% of our responders said 'Communication'. So, what's the issue?

(2022) Remote Interviews: Tips, Best Practices and Software to Use

Hiring someone without seeing them in person before can be scary. Here is how to conduct and be confident about remote job interviews.

20 Ideas For An Interesting Virtual Lunch

Here are 20 ideas you can steal for your next virtual lunch at work. We have included a range of ideas from fun and entertaining breaks in the workday to icebreaker games to play for 5 minutes before you begin a meeting to lift the team’s energy. We have also included some ideas to help inspire and support your employees and help them to feel valued.

Work From Home Interview Questions and Strategies

Whether you’re interviewing for a company that’s been doing work from home for years or one that’s just transitioning, here’s a guide on how to ace your work from home interviews.

Best Practices For Remote Work Feedback

There are many ways to provide feedback on work done remotely, but it’s crucial to ensure that both parties understand how to give feedback constructively. Whether you’re giving feedback to your boss or your employees, let’s explore what you should know about providing constructive feedback.

5 Essential Remote Work Tools for Distributed Teams

To ace virtual collaboration, it’s vital that remote teams have access to the right tools. Every company should build a remote work toolkit that includes best-in-class resources to boost teaming and productivity.

8 Must-Have Remote Work Skills

As remote work becomes the norm, employers will be looking for specific remote work skills – such as technical prowess – so their virtual teams can thrive.

Remote Work Policy Sample for Employers (with PDF sample template)

With the rise of work-from-home, it's getting increasingly more important to put the agreements, requirements and responsibilities of each party down in writing, as part of a Remote Work Policy or "Work from Home" agreement. But what should be included in one of those contracts and why are they needed?

How to Transition to Remote Work (& Ace Virtual Teaming)

Whenever we talk to founders, building a great remote team usually wasn't a priority during the early days. It was much more important to have quick communication cycles and push out that first MVP.

Salary Negotiation Strategies for Remote Work

Navigating salary negotiation for remote work doesn’t have to be stressful. To help you out, our experts at NoHQ have put together the top salary negotiation strategies for remote workers, as well as tips for getting a generous remote work agreement.

Tips On How To Get A WFH Promotion

As a remote worker, you risk falling victim to the old adage “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to getting a WFH promotion. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

How Much Should You Pay Remote Employees?

Salaries in remote working settings can be tricky. Should you pay them the exact same as local employees? Or rather as much as their local salary levels suggest?

Payroll Companies for Remote Employees Worldwide

When it's not an option to get hired as a contractor, international employers, or so-called payroll companies, can help. An updated list of one for each country.

Virtual Mentoring for Remote Employees

Remote mentoring programs facilitate mentor-mentee relationships, improve employee mental health, and reduce churn all at the same time. Curious about how it’s done? Read on to find out!

How to Deal With Remote Work Burnout and Stress

Remote work burnout isn’t the new normal. To get your remote teams back on track, we’ve put together a guide to understanding and beating remote work burnout. By applying our tips, you’ll strike a better work-life balance and go back to enjoying the countless benefits of remote work.

How To Create A Great Virtual Onboarding Experience For Remote Employees

Onboarding is often seen as a crucial part of remote work. It's important to give remote employees a feeling of security and hospitality right away.

Do You Need a Remote Virtual Office?

New tools for remote work are popping up daily, but the current trend are virtual offices – spaces that are supposed to make remote teams feel like they are co-located. But does that make sense?

Effectively using Slack for Remote Work

Slack has changed the game for team communication, but when it comes to remote work, it has some crucial design flaws. How can you overcome them?

Remote Collaboration: How To Work Effectively With a Distributed Team

With the goal of helping remote companies succeed, we’ve broken down the key challenges to remote collaboration and included our best practices for collaborating effectively with a distributed team.

Working Asynchronously: Everything You Need to Know

Asynchronous working is the holy grail towards creating a scalable and efficient remote teams, but what does that mean, and why is it so crucial?

A full guide to the hybrid approach to work

One half of the team in an office, the other one globally distributed. The hybrid approach to remote work is gaining popularity – but is it the best way forward, and what are the caveats?

Perks for your remote employees

Remote employees have different needs for benefits and perks than folks in the office. Away with the catered lunches and ping-pong tables, say hello to co-working stipends and home office equipment!

Mastering taxes for remote employees and companies

Today, the biggest disadvantage that remote companies and employees face is the lack of protection under domestic employment laws. More often than not, the best way to hire someone remotely is through a contracting agreement, but what does this mean when it comes to taxes?

How to set your work from home schedule

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to working from home, but your schedule could be greatly affecting your productivity. Are you someone who prefers sticking to a fixed schedule? Or do you prefer spontaneity and just going with the flow every day?

Where to Find Remote Work in 2022

With so many people looking for remote jobs, the market is full of strong candidates to compete with. However, there are also more companies offering remote jobs now than pre-Covid.

How to hire a Head of Remote

Learning to fully adapt to and maintain virtual working requires an appropriate path and guidance. As companies go remote, they realize that a remote organizational structure requires a different set of skills to maintain than an onsite one.

Complete guide to remote networking

Want to learn how to do remote networking right?

The five steps to creating successful virtual coffee breaks

Casually swinging by a coworker’s “desk” for a virtual coffee break is entirely possible in the online space, but many of us are still missing out on these valuable opportunities to converse and connect with our coworkers.

Remote work culture: Lessons from top companies

From Basecamp to GitLab, how do these companies promote their remote culture?

How to counter work from home loneliness

Remote workers can prevent burnout from work-from-home loneliness by achieving a sense of belonging. Whether this is by having interactions with friends or family or taking part in communities driven by personal interests or self-development, here’s a guide to countering work-from-home loneliness. We will be sharing some ways you can protect your mental health and counter work from home loneliness.

Mastering your virtual communication

Remote working veteran or not, you need to take control of your virtual communication processes. Follow this guide to make sure that you’re not neglecting the way your remote team communicates virtually.

The guide on 1-on-1 meetings for remote teams

Regular 1-on-1 (often also written 1:1) meetings are an important satisfaction factor for remote teams. For managers and companies, it's amazing to stay in the loop and resolve friction quickly. For employees, it's a rare chance to voice opinions and difficulties.

Daisy Linden of Coinbase about transitioning a huge team to being remote-first

Coinbase rose to popularity as the easiest and most user-friendly way to buy cryptocurrency. In the process of that, they built a team of crypto pros and amazing talent that is set to transition to being a remote-first company this year.

Successfully recruiting and hiring for remote positions

Remote companies tend to have one problem that co-located ones can only dream of – too many job candidates to choose from and figuring out who to pick in the sea of global candidates. Don't let that stop you, though! Here's how to successfully recruit for remote positions.

The 8 remote work tools we'd love to see in 2021

In 2020, we were happy to have talked to 94 (!) remote tool companies about what they are up to. With more than a dozen we talked a little closer and many of them we've shown you. These are our wishes for the next year.

Leah Knobler of Help Scout about hiring remote talent, onboarding and intentional communication

Help Scout is a globally distributed B-Corp and customer service product, that has been around for almost a decade. During that time, Leah Knobler played no small part in growing their team and operations to over 110 people.

Settling it once and for all: Are remote workers more productive?

Remote work is becoming the long-term reality for a lot of office workers, much to the displeasure of remote work critics. The question of whether remote work is really as productive occupies the mind of many founders – so let's look at the full picture.

Better culture: Keeping remote employees engaged and active

A common worry for employers is that their remote employees might drift off, distance themselves from the rest of the team and destroy company culture. It's often a major reason why remote work is limited to a few "work from home" days, but what can a company do to engage remote employees?

Stephen Olmstead of inVision about approaching remote work as a fully distributed team

Stephen Olmstead is the Chief of Staff at the fully remote company inVision, the well-known digital product design platform. As the right-hand to the inVision CEO he takes part in a lot of parts of a well-working fully distributed remote-first company.

7 Best Employee Handbook Examples for Remote Companies

Employee handbooks are a crucial part of human resources. They show new hires the information they need, can be the go-to place to store new policies in and when made public, are an excellent way to give people a glimpse into your culture. These are our top picks of public employee handbooks.

The 101 of hiring remote employees

Hiring in a remote setting can be tricky. There are a lot more things to consider and think about. We list the main ways to get people hired globally.

How to make daily standups work in remote teams

With a team distributed amongst timezones and locations, getting everybody online for a daily standup – a common routine in modern teams – can become increasingly difficult.

Daniel Gross of Pioneer about running a fully global remote startup accelerator

Daniel Gross is able to look back at a glorious career in Silicon Valley. As a native of Jerusalem, he took part in YCombinator, sold his startup to Apple, became a leading investor, and is now running a successful remote-first accelerator, that aims to give those same chances to people all around the world.

Beau Lebens of Automattic about working on a global team and the future of remote work

Beau is the Head of Product Engineering of WooCommerce at Automattic, a fully remote company that is building some of the world's biggest platforms like, WooCommerce and Tumblr. In our interview, he talks about working on a global remote team with almost 1,200 employees and how to overcome time zones.

Best practices for remote work meetings and videoconferences

Casual chatter, loud laughter, sitting in a room with a dozen other people. What's normal in co-located meetings is a no-go in remote settings. It's important to keep up meeting etiquette, especially in a remote setting.

The full guide to mastering remote work internships

Doing an internship while working from home? The dream of many students is the bane of remote companies. How remote companies can structure and create remote internship positions.

The remote worker's starter kit

Millions of office workers have had their first stint in the remote work world in the past few months. As we slowly think about going back to our offices, the home office might hold a bigger place in our work life. These are the supplies you should get.

Don't monitor your remote employees, invest in trust instead

Going remote has been a challenge for cultures of many companies that value presence and face-to-face time, and has pushed many other teams in a direction of monitoring and surveillance, much to the dissatisfaction of employees.

Ryan Singer of Basecamp about brainstorming and innovating remotely

When you think about remote work, Basecamp is likely one of the first things that come to mind. Ryan has been along for that journey for 17 years, starting in design, moving over to coding, and now sitting in-between the two.

How to transition a small local team to remote work

Even though we might be able to go to our offices again soon, many teams might have gotten a taste of remote work, and might want to stay that way. Before you rush into it and close down your office, this is how you can prepare for the switch.

All that glitters: The downsides of remote work, and how to deal with them

It's no secret that we are big fans of remote work. We think it will help us democratize access to opportunities and talent alike. It will help us build better companies, that thrive globally and not just on a small tiny spot somewhere in California. But it's not the solution to all, and we need to recognize that.

Consensus vs. Consent: How to make decisions in a fully remote team

Making informed decisions in a remote team should be quite straightforward: Processes and discussions are recorded, after all. But the reality often looks different, and building consensus can be a difficult task.

Towards clearer and better communication

Communication is the number one source of dissatisfaction for remote workers and employees. It can also quickly become a time and money sink, with employees being blocked and out of the loop. How can you get towards better team communication?

Michael Fey about remote collaboration at 1Password

Michael Fey has been a remote worker at 1Password for the past seven years. Today the VP of Engineering for Client Apps, we discuss how remote work can be most productive, how it all works at 1Password, how things have changed over the past decade, and what that means for new tools today.

Why every remote worker should be a writer

If a team shifts to more async communication styles, the requirements for successful collaboration change too. Why a good writing skill is more important than ever, and why it's so crucial in remote teams.

Leon Barnard of Balsamiq: "You need to be OK with not knowing what everyone is working on"

Balsamiq is a leading wireframing tool, which has been on the market for over a decade. The team behind that company consists of over 30 people, working from the US and Europe. Today, we are talking to Leon Barnard, lead of the education team, about his role at Balsamiq and his experience with remote work in the last decade.

Mental health hacks for your remote team

Besides difficult communication, mental health and isolation are the most common things that remote workers struggle with and one of the main reasons for dissatisfaction. The most common issues, and how companies can prevent them.

The trend towards artificial presence in remote teams

One observable trend that is showing up in our tool reviews here at NoHQ is the strong pull towards creating new communication tools that are trying to create an artificial sense of presence and reachability. In this post, we are taking a closer look at some of these tools and analyze the effects that they may have on remote teams.

A quick guide to remote work during COVID-19

Companies around the world are ordering employees to work from home for the next few weeks until the COVID-19 virus is under control. A sensible measure, but a challenging one as well. If your team is not used to working from home, this may become a very taxing time for your whole team. A quick guide on remote work for co-located companies.

David Noël-Romas about Remote Work at Stripe

Building a company with teams in offices and remote sometimes can feel like an impossible task. Stripe made it work. We talked to remote Stripe Engineer David Noël-Romas about his experience working in a global hybrid team.

Should Salaries Be Locally Adjusted for Remote Employees?

The "Cost of Living" differentiator in remote work salaries is a huge discussion point when it comes to the hiring strategies of remote companies. While some companies pay a globally universal salary, others decide to apply a 'cost of living' differentiator. Same job, different pay. Is that fair?

Bridging the gap between remote and local employees

In a hybrid remote setup where remote and local employees live side-by-side, there is always a risk of different company cultures forming. So how can you bridge the gap sustainably?

Mental Health in Remote Teams

A constant state of availability and being connected, coupled with a possibly unstructured and isolated working environment can be tough for the mental health of remote workers.

How remote companies plan Team Retreats

It's tradition for most remote teams to pick one or two dates per year and meet in-person. There's a lot of effort involved with that, so how do you start such an operation?

Five Steps towards becoming Remote-First

Remote-First is commonly seen as the mindset needed to gain the most advantage out of remote work. What steps can you take today to get closer to being remote-first?

Writing Remote-Ready Job Descriptions

As a remote company, you should make use of your global talent pool. Part of that is making sure that your job descriptions fit within all cultural norms.

Growing Pains

Remote teams can work together pretty easily on a small scale. Let some people work from home, hire someone out-of-state – it's really no issue. But what things do you have to consider when things grow?

Easy Guide To Hiring Remote Workers in Foreign Countries

Hiring employees in your own country is fairly simple. The only real differences may be between state or regional taxes and regulations. But if you want to hire remote workers in foreign countries as employees or contractors, then it becomes more complex.

Different Types of Remote Organisations

Satellite offices, remote-friendly teams and "Remote OK". There are probably more than a dozen types of remote organisations and types. So, what's the difference between remote and "Work from Home" anyway?

Why synchronous communication fails and how to make it work

Companies with remote employees like to hold on to synchronous communication as long as possible. Why that doesn't scale, and how you can incorporate "what you're used to" in your new workflow as a remote company.

Sid Sijbrandij: “People don’t want to commute; they just don’t want to miss out”

We recently met with GitLab CEO Sid Sijbrandij to talk all about how they scaled a multi-billion dollar company with beyond 800 employees, fully remotely.

Education Stipends for Remote Teams

While many types of stipends are becoming more regular in many teams, education stipends are something that many companies don't provide. Why remote teams should do it differently.

What Hardware and Software Should You Provide to Remote Workers?

Local employees will traditionally receive a place to sit, some utilities and a standard set of hardware when hired. What's usual with remote employees? Are you supposed to furnish their home-office?

Where to post your remote job postings

Global job boards allow you to post and distribute your postings to hundred of thousands people worldwide, but do you really want that?

Casual Conversation in Remote Teams

The quick catchup at the coffee machine, a casual chat in the hallway or a conversation at lunch. Having non-work-related conversations can be hard in a remote team.

The caveats of remote work

We're really optimistic here about remote work, but don't be fooled! Remote work has its downsides. Let's talk about some of those instead.

Staying in the loop in a remote team

A manager's job is to know what's going on and where things stand, but checking in with remote workers can be difficult - people are in different timezones and asking questions can be hard.

Encouraging education in remote teams

In the workplace, lot of learning is happening during breaks and conversations. How can you encourage it in remote teams?

Standups in Remote Teams

Daily standups are common practice in engineering teams, but reluctantly done in remote teams. Can they work?

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