The Remote Worker's Starter Kit

From desks to hardware, a good remote worker needs to have their kit in order. These are battle tested and expert-approved pieces of hardware for your new remote life.


The key to being a successful remote worker is keeping healthy. If you don't want to suffer from back pain, it's time to invest in a proper chair. In your home office, you are the boss, so get one that you like!

Laptop Stands

Most home setups will benefits from a high-quality laptop stand in one way or another. Whether static or foldable, with an external display or simply a keyboard hooked up to this – these laptop stands will help you fight the hunchback.

Heaphones, Headsets & Microphones

Can you hear me okay? If you love to listen to music while you work and would like to upgrade your audio quality for your calls and meetings, these are some great pieces to look at.


All clear! If you don't want to offer your co-workers your blurry picture through the laptop camera, it's time to upgrade! A cheap webcam can already put you on Full-HD picture quality!


The theory counts! Remote companies around the world have figured out the ins-and-outs of remote work and many of them have published books about this. These are our top picks!


As a home worker, you need to substitute the luxuries of going out, into a city or office with things at home. Whether it's a good cup of coffee or nice, cold, filtered water, these are our top picks for that.

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