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How to create a successful global mobility programme


Global mobility is the term for moving employees worldwide and their dependents for financial, professional and personal growth. It is an excellent solution for remote businesses that want to expand overseas. Increase revenue, brand awareness and international talent with global mobility programmes.

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Scaling your Direct Report Management Process


The article explains exactly what a direct report means and then looks at the ideal number of direct reports a manager should have. It also lays out the best practices to follow when tasked to manage and motivate other people.

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Agile HR Best Practices for Effective Teams


Implementing the agile methodology can help your remote teams overcome the main challenges and even thrive. With this right technology in place, adopting agile HR can help your talented remote team deliver just as much value as a co-located team. Being an agile remote team takes advantage of online tools for collaboration, and self-organization while maintaining a strong team culture.

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Creating Great Compensation Packages in The Modern Era

Human Resources

This article explains what attractive compensation packages are and how you can use them to attract top talent. It is the monetary and non-monetary rewards an employer pays in exchange for the work an employee does. It is also essential to have a structured payment package and to have it evaluated if it is effective.

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The Remote-First Checklist

Build your remote-first mindset by using our checklist with over 20 tips and habits to building remote-friendly knowledge and workflows!

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Discover Remote Work Tools

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Skuad: "International hiring, payroll, benefits, and compliance. Simplified."


Skuad is a global HR compliance and digital payroll platform that enables companies to build diverse remote teams, seamlessly. Skuad manages everything from international payroll to local compliance — so that you can employ contractors and full-time employees, anywhere. Our global employment infrastructure enables companies like yours to instantly hire and onboard talent in over 160 countries, across APAC, Europe, America, and Africa.

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Remotion Review: Cowork with your remote team


Remotion is a virtual co-working suite. It’s a MacOS app which runs as a dock on the side, top or bottom of your screen. It gives you instant access to anyone you work with in the form of audio/video calling and basic ‘who’s online and what are they up to?’ availability management. Think “Clubhouse for your internal teams”.

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Panther: “You should be able to work with the best talent, regardless of location”


Panther is the easiest way to hire, run, and pay a team that works from anywhere. By taking care of payments and compliance in 160+ countries, Panther empowers distributed teams to work with the best talent in the world. No matter where those people live.

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Effectively using Slack for Remote Work


Slack has changed the game for team communication, but when it comes to remote work, it has some crucial design flaws. How can you overcome them?

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More up-and-coming remote work tools

Our toolkit page is home of close to 50 hand-picked tools. We have tried, tested and hand-picked each of these tools and approve them.

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