For Partially Remote Companies

One side of the company in an office, the other side remote. Cultures drift apart, there are two workflows for every part of the team, two parts of the company. Arguably the hardest one to make work out, but not impossible.

Making it work

The three pillars of remote communication

Bridging the gap between remote and local employees

Mastering the hybrid approach to remote work

Consensus vs. Consent: How to make decisions in a fully remote team

Stories from the industry

David Noël-Romas about Remote Work at Stripe

Leon Barnard of Balsamiq: "You need to be OK with not knowing what everyone is working on"

Michael Fey about remote collaboration at 1Password

Ryan Singer of Basecamp about brainstorming and innovating remotely

Best Practices for Remote Work

Perks for your remote employees

Standups in Remote Teams

How to create a great onboarding experience for remote employees

Making Asynchronous Communication work

Why synchronous communication fails and how to make it work

Five Steps towards becoming Remote-First

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