For Beginners

You've worked from an office your whole life, work-from-home was largely a taboo. Especially for people changing careers, but also for people who have worked at a very traditional company for a long time, working outside the office was a taboo for a long time.

Well, you're in for a treat, and let's start right at the beginning.

What is remote work?

What Is Remote-first And Why Should Distributed Teams Strive For It?

Five Steps towards becoming Remote-First

A full guide to the hybrid approach to work

(2022) Simple ways to master remote communication (+ tools)

How do I do things remotely?

How to make daily standups work in remote teams

The 101 of hiring remote employees

Successfully recruiting and hiring for remote positions

Standups in Remote Teams

How do I stay in touch?

Staying in the loop in a remote team

Effectively using Slack for Remote Work

How to make daily standups work in remote teams

Working Asynchronously: Everything You Need to Know

Why synchronous communication fails and how to make it work

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