For Beginners

You've worked from an office your whole life, work-from-home was largely a taboo. Especially for people changing careers, but also for people who have worked at a very traditional company for a long time, working outside the office was a taboo for a long time.

Well, you're in for a treat, and let's start right at the beginning.

What is remote work?

What is remote-first and why should distributed teams strive for it?

The three pillars of remote communication

Five Steps towards becoming Remote-First

Mastering the hybrid approach to remote work

How do I do things remotely?

Recruiting for remote positions

Standups in Remote Teams

The 101 of hiring remote employees

How to make daily standups work in remote teams

How do I stay in touch?

Staying in the loop in a remote team

Effectively using Slack for Remote Work

Making Asynchronous Communication work

How to make daily standups work in remote teams

Why synchronous communication fails and how to make it work

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