Remote Work Glossary & FAQ

Ever wondered what a "distributed team" is? What makes a "digital nomad"? What's asynchronous communication? We answer this and many other questions in this section.


What does "All-Remote" mean?

Asynchronous Communication

What is Asynchronous Communication?


What is a co-located company?


What is Co-Working and Co-Working Spaces?

Digital Nomad

What is a Digital Nomad?


What is a Distributed Team? Distributed Work?

Global Employer

What is a Global Employer? What is Global Employment?


What is a hybrid remote team?

Location Independent

What does "Location Independent" mean?

Remote OK

What does "Remote OK" mean?


What does "Remote-First" mean?

Satellite Office

What is a Satellite Office?

Synchronous Communication

What is Synchronous Communication?

Team Retreat

What is a Team Retreat and why do remote companies do it?


What does "Telecommuting" mean?

Work from Home (WFH)

What's the difference between Work from Home (WFH) and Remote/Distributed Work?

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