For Remote-First Founders

The basics you read here are nothing new for you, you are part of a remote-first company or created your own. Reading guides about async communication – that's nothing for you, let's take a look at how things are done elsewhere instead.

Culture & Health

The caveats of remote work

Growing Pains

Mental Health in Remote Teams

Social bonding for remote teams

How it works elsewhere

Sid Sijbrandij: “People don’t want to commute; they just don’t want to miss out”

How remote companies plan Team Retreats

David Noël-Romas about Remote Work at Stripe

Tools that get you to the next level

Airtable, jack of all trades

Collect your Company Knowledge on Autopilot with OneBar

Pragli: A virtual office for remote teams

Cancelling the Noise with Krisp

Yac: Connecting teams through Snapchat-like voice messages

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