For Remote-First Founders

The basics you read here are nothing new for you, you are part of a remote-first company or created your own. Reading guides about async communication – that's nothing for you, let's take a look at how things are done elsewhere instead.

Culture & Health

Donut app review: Everything you need to know

Mental Health in Remote Teams

Growing Pains

The caveats of remote work

How it works elsewhere

Ryan Singer of Basecamp about brainstorming and innovating remotely

Michael Fey about remote collaboration at 1Password

Leon Barnard of Balsamiq: "You need to be OK with not knowing what everyone is working on"

David Noël-Romas about Remote Work at Stripe

How remote companies plan Team Retreats

Sid Sijbrandij: “People don’t want to commute; they just don’t want to miss out”

Tools that get you to the next level

Tandem: Does remote work need a new operating system?

Yac: Connecting teams through Snapchat-like voice messages

Pragli: A virtual office for remote teams

Guide & Review: Cancelling the Noise with Krisp

Collect your Company Knowledge on Autopilot with OneBar

Airtable, jack of all trades

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