Creating remote teams together

Remote work is not an easy task to tackle. You might hit roadblocks and fight frustrations. We are in the trenches with you. We are remote founders, workers, managers and advocates.

It's worth it.

A global community

Access our community site, a moderated page with folks from around the world, each with their own unique story.

Connect with industry leaders

Be it employees of well-known remote companies or CEOs of remote work tools – the NoHQ community is diverse and widespread.

Go-to for remote work knowledge

Our mix of forum and chat makes this community a favourable hangout spot for remote enthusiasts, but also a place packed with knowledge.

Support & Discounts

Everything it takes to make you more successful. Be it a discount for a leading remote tool, or support from our advisors.


A safe haven for the remote work industry

Working on a promotion-, judgement- and spam-free place, where you can share your achievements, learnings and struggles with like-minded people.

  • Global Community Access

    We reach people from all continents and over 82 countries. Our community might be one of the most distributed communities out there.

  • A moderated hangout spot

    Too many communities turn into job boards and spam hell. My duty is to talk with every single member of the community and sort the bad apples out.

  • Optimized for Knowledge

    Communities without learning potential are no bueno. We use a mix of fireside chat and discussion forum to preserve knowledge long-term.

  • Staying in the loop

    No need to spend hours in this place. It all runs largely async, and we will let you know if there is anything interesting to read.

Heard enough?

I would love to pass along any last info, clear up any questions, and invite you to the NoHQ community!

No strings attached – I'll reach out via e-mail.

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