Starter Guides

In remote work, there is no 'one-size-fits-all'. Circumstances change and not every guide is useful for every setup. Use these starting points to get a quick overview over the must-read content for your setup.

For Beginners

You've worked from an office your whole life, work-from-home was mostly a taboo. Here, we are starting from the basics!

  • Starting from zero

  • Work or hire remotely

  • Easy to understand

For Remote-First Founders

The basics you read here are nothing new for you, let's take a look at how things are done elsewhere instead.

  • Going in-depth

  • Interviews with industry members

  • Never stop learning

For Partially Remote Companies

One side of the company in an office, the other side remote. Arguably the hardest one to make work out, but not impossible.

  • Bring teams closer

  • Bridge the gap

  • Make it work

Transitioning to Remote Work

Be it out of necessity, or an active try in building a distributed company. Making the switch is hard, but let us help you!

  • From Local to Remote

  • From Hybrid to Fully Remote

  • Make a smooth transition

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