Skuad: "International hiring, payroll, benefits, and compliance. Simplified."

International hiring, payroll, benefits, and compliance

So, why Skuad?

Skuad is a SaaS platform – there are no integration efforts or hidden costs involved. We are building Skuad for the new world of work, where companies can access the best talent in any corner of the world. Our leaders have over two decades of HR experience and expertise in building globally diverse and distributed teams.

Your workforce doesn't need to be limited by boundaries. With Skuad, you can give your team the freedom to work from wherever they call home. Your team can work on what they love, without having to leave their loved ones.

Why employ talent with Skuad?

Our global employment infrastructure enables companies to hire talent in over 160 countries, seamlessly. On Skuad’s integrated platform, you can onboard employees, manage payroll and compliance, and more, such as:

  • Take your talent from offer letter to onboarding swiftly, using fully compliant contracts (as per the local employment laws of their country)
  • Automate international payroll and cross-border payments
  • Ensure continuous compliance to the ever-changing legal landscape
  • Manage taxes, social contributions, statutory benefits in all geographies.

What’s so hard about traditionally employing global talent?

Hiring in another country requires you to establish a subsidiary, register it as an entity, open local bank accounts, stay up-to-date with local employment laws, as well as hire local HR, legal, and payroll teams. This process could take months, if not years, and requires an investment of thousands of dollars.

Skuad does the heavy lifting, allowing you to employ full-time employees and contractors, without the hassle, in 160+ countries. And, we do it at a fraction of the cost.

What is an Employer of Record and how can it help me?

As an Employer of Record (EOR), Skuad enables businesses to quickly hire an employee anywhere in the world without setting up a subsidiary.

Skuad has local entities and partners in over 160 countries, so we can seamlessly hire an employee on your company’s behalf. Say, you're an American business and you want to make a hire in Vietnam? This is easily made possible with an EOR.

Once you partner with Skuad, we'll take care of everything from hiring and onboarding to payroll and compliance in the country of employment. While your employee(s) will be on Skuad’s payroll, they'll still be working for your company like any other employee. 

How do I pay talent when they're in different countries?

With Skuad, you run payroll in your currency and your contractors and employees get paid in their local currency. The amount you pay may be impacted by currency fluctuations, but we ensure optimal exchange rates without any hidden fees. Your talent will be paid the same amount in their local currency, always. We enable one-click payments for your entire global team.

What is the onboarding process for the talent I hire through Skuad?

  • You directly feed the new hire information (e.g., name, designation, salary) on Skuad's platform
  • Skuad sends out an offer letter with terms that are specific to the country of employment (e.g., holiday, probation, benefits, etc.)
  • Once the offer is accepted by the new hire, Skuad sends out a locally compliant employment agreement for signature. You may choose to sign an Intellectual Property (IP) Agreement between your company and the new hire to protect your IP
  • After the agreement is signed by your company and the hire, they are successfully onboarded on Skuad's platform and ready to get to work. We'll set the hire up on local payroll so they get paid in their local currency.

Can I hire contractors through Skuad?

Absolutely. With Skuad, you can leverage the benefits of contractual employment.

Do note that companies risk fines when they misclassify talent as independent contractors rather than employees and vice versa. Rest assured your talent is properly classified when you partner with Skuad.

Does my company retain ownership over the IP and inventions of my talent?

Yes, your company's intellectual property (IP) rights and inventions are protected when you employ through Skuad. Talent engaged through Skuad signs a local employment contract that assigns all the IP to your company.

Can I trust Skuad with my organisational data and the privacy of my employees?

Absolutely. The privacy of your organisational and employee data is our priority. We are committed towards GDPR and CCPA compliance and globally up-to-date compliance infrastructure to protect your confidential information, intellectual property (IP), invention rights, and sensitive employee data.

Is there a separate fee for the platform? 

Skuad’s platform and software are integral parts of our offering. That’s why there is no additional cost to use our platform. We make sure our pricing is simple, affordable and transparent to cover all your needs.

What features does the price cover?

Our flat fee covers all the features required for you to easily hire, onboard, and pay your team with no hassles. We take pride in being able to handle your entire employment lifecycle so your business can scale to new heights.

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