Remote Collaboration: How To Work Effectively With a Distributed Team


With the goal of helping remote companies succeed, we’ve broken down the key challenges to remote collaboration and included our best practices for collaborating effectively with a distributed team.

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Mastering taxes for remote employees and companies

Today, the biggest disadvantage that remote companies and employees face is the lack of protection under domestic employment laws. More often than not, the best way to hire someone remotely is through a contracting agreement, but what does this mean when it comes to taxes?

How to transition a small local team to remote work

Even though we might be able to go to our offices again soon, many teams might have gotten a taste of remote work, and might want to stay that way. Before you rush into it and close down your office, this is how you can prepare for the switch.

A quick guide to remote work during COVID-19

Companies around the world are ordering employees to work from home for the next few weeks until the COVID-19 virus is under control. A sensible measure, but a challenging one as well. If your team is not used to working from home, this may become a very taxing time for your whole team. A quick guide on remote work for co-located companies.

Mental Health in Remote Teams

A constant state of availability and being connected, coupled with a possibly unstructured and isolated working environment can be tough for the mental health of remote workers.

Staying in the loop in a remote team

A manager's job is to know what's going on and where things stand, but checking in with remote workers can be difficult - people are in different timezones and asking questions can be hard.

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