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Remote Work Policy Sample for Employers (with PDF sample template)

Human Resources

With the rise of work-from-home, it's getting increasingly more important to put the agreements, requirements and responsibilities of each party down in writing, as part of a Remote Work Policy or "Work from Home" agreement. But what should be included in one of those contracts and why are they needed?

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How To Create A Great Virtual Onboarding Experience For Remote Employees

Onboarding is often seen as a crucial part of remote work. It's important to give remote employees a feeling of security and hospitality right away.

Perks for your remote employees

Remote employees have different needs for benefits and perks than folks in the office. Away with the catered lunches and ping-pong tables, say hello to co-working stipends and home office equipment!

7 Best Employee Handbook Examples for Remote Companies

Employee handbooks are a crucial part of human resources. They show new hires the information they need, can be the go-to place to store new policies in and when made public, are an excellent way to give people a glimpse into your culture. These are our top picks of public employee handbooks.

The full guide to mastering remote work internships

Doing an internship while working from home? The dream of many students is the bane of remote companies. How remote companies can structure and create remote internship positions.

Don't monitor your remote employees, invest in trust instead

Going remote has been a challenge for cultures of many companies that value presence and face-to-face time, and has pushed many other teams in a direction of monitoring and surveillance, much to the dissatisfaction of employees.

Should Salaries Be Locally Adjusted for Remote Employees?

The "Cost of Living" differentiator in remote work salaries is a huge discussion point when it comes to the hiring strategies of remote companies. While some companies pay a globally universal salary, others decide to apply a 'cost of living' differentiator. Same job, different pay. Is that fair?

Writing Remote-Ready Job Descriptions

As a remote company, you should make use of your global talent pool. Part of that is making sure that your job descriptions fit within all cultural norms.

Education Stipends for Remote Teams

While many types of stipends are becoming more regular in many teams, education stipends are something that many companies don't provide. Why remote teams should do it differently.

What Hardware and Software Should You Provide to Remote Workers?

Local employees will traditionally receive a place to sit, some utilities and a standard set of hardware when hired. What's usual with remote employees? Are you supposed to furnish their home-office?

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