All that glitters: The downsides of remote work, and how to deal with them


It's no secret that we are big fans of remote work. We think it will help us democratize access to opportunities and talent alike. It will help us build better companies, that thrive globally and not just on a small tiny spot somewhere in California. But it's not the solution to all, and we need to recognize that.

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Why every remote worker should be a writer

If a team shifts to more async communication styles, the requirements for successful collaboration change too. Why a good writing skill is more important than ever, and why it's so crucial in remote teams.

Mental health hacks for your remote team

Besides difficult communication, mental health and isolation are the most common things that remote workers struggle with and one of the main reasons for dissatisfaction. The most common issues, and how companies can prevent them.

Bridging the gap between remote and local employees

In a hybrid remote setup where remote and local employees live side-by-side, there is always a risk of different company cultures forming. So how can you bridge the gap sustainably?

How remote companies plan Team Retreats

It's tradition for most remote teams to pick one or two dates per year and meet in-person. There's a lot of effort involved with that, so how do you start such an operation?

Transitioning to being a Remote Workplace

Whenever we talk to founders, the idea to go remote usually hasn't occured until the company already had a few employees, so how do you effectively transition from a local office to remote?

Five Steps towards becoming Remote-First

Remote-First is commonly seen as the mindset needed to gain the most advantage out of remote work. What steps can you take today to get closer to being remote-first?

Growing Pains

Remote teams can work together pretty easily on a small scale. Let some people work from home, hire someone out-of-state – it's really no issue. But what things do you have to consider when things grow?

Different Types of Remote Organisations

Satellite offices, remote-friendly teams and "Remote OK". There are probably more than a dozen types of remote organisations and types. So, what's the difference between remote and "Work from Home" anyway?

Casual Conversation in Remote Teams

The quick catchup at the coffee machine, a casual chat in the hallway or a conversation at lunch. Having non-work-related conversations can be hard in a remote team.

The caveats of remote work

We're really optimistic here about remote work, but don't be fooled! Remote work has its downsides. Let's talk about some of those instead.

Encouraging education in remote teams

In the workplace, lot of learning is happening during breaks and conversations. How can you encourage it in remote teams?

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